• The Gift of Kindness

    As much as I didn’t want to I knew I had to do it. I was looking at yet another 500 miles, round trip, on the road to take Noel back to see yet another specialist. Before we left I knew I had to make a dreaded stop. I carried Noel in her car seat and her oxygen canister into Discount tire. My  body was tired and my mind was worn out from the months of back and forth trips to Children’s Hospital. 

  • It's not always Breast or Bottle; Sometimes it's Feeding Tube

    The moment that I had so eagerly waited for -finally being able to breast-feed my baby- in a moment became a source of so much sadness. It was my first hard reality that the experience I had planned for being a mother was radically different than anything I could’ve thought. Instead of the picture of nursing a newborn baby like I had seen on TV, my picture looked much different. It was me alone in a room with a plastic pump, tears and pain.

  • Noel's Story Part One

    Welcome to our new blog! As a special needs mama I know I have always found hope in knowing that I'm not alone on this hard medical complex journey I have been on with Noel. I am writing these blog posts in the hopes that someone else can say me too; I know what she's feeling because I've felt that. 
  • The "Why" Behind Our Business?

    The “Why” behind our company?    Be Kind Live Kind is a handmade company.    Teaching disability inclusion through the message of kindness.    Even...