The Gift of Kindness

Good morning friend! I’m so excited to have you back this week! Instead of continuing on Noel’s feeding story today, I wanted to share a special story with you today. I will get back to Noel’s History and feeding issues on next weeks post. 


As much as I didn’t want to I knew I had to do it. I was looking at yet another 500 miles on the road to take Noel back to see yet another specialist. Before we left I knew I had to make a dreaded stop. I carried Noel in her car seat and her oxygen canister into Discount tire. My  body was tired and my mind was worn out from the months of back and forth trips to Children’s Hospital. 


I knew that the tires on my little black Honda Civic wouldn’t make it one more time over the 10,000 foot mountain pass located between where we lived and Denver, where Children’s Hospital was located. 


I asked the guy behind the counter how much it would be for the cheapest set of tires I could buy. His response was $450. That’s what I was worried about that much plus the cost of gas was all the money I had left in my account. I was so frustrated that I could barley even take care of a basic need, but I knew how important it was to get Noel to this appointment so it was what I had to do. 


I told the discount tire guy that I had to walk to the bank next store to deposit a check and I would be back. I picked Noel and her oxygen tank up; as I was leaving the waiting room a kind old man gave me smile. 


Walking in the cold with an infant car seat and carry oxygen is never easy and it only made my bad mood worse. Of course I got a teller at the bank who acted like I was an inconvenience to her. Seriously why do people have customer service jobs who hate people?


I walked back to the tire store feeling even more frustrated, discouraged and sad. I slumped in the seat as I waited for my tires to be done. Twenty minutes later they called my name. 


When I got to the counter the guy said, “well you’re all set.” 


“How much do I owe you?” I respond.




“Nothing?! What do you mean??” 


He said someone paid for my tires, they upgraded them to the best ones and paid for the extend warranty! 


“Wait what…? What do you mean?” 


The guy behind the counter reassured me that yes someone said to tell me it was a Random Act of Kindness. 


My heart melted and I was overcome with gratitude. I wondered who it could it be? I looked around the empty waiting room and wondered… 


The fact that someone saw me in am moment of need and chose to bless me was divine. That person had no idea just how hard my life and circumstances were. Yet, their act of kindness, while pretty generous to them, was life changing to me. Now I could get back over the mountain safely, but more that that I felt seen, known and taken care of. 


We really have no idea the impact of a simple act of kindness. So today on Random Acts of Kindness Day I ask you pass it on. Do something kind for someone and expect nothing in return. 


“In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind.”


Go out today and Be Kind


- Love- TinaB